With aviphotog

with a $100 deposit and a remaining balance of $150 due no later than the day of your shoot, let's kill an entire film roll of film with your lovely portraits!

Location options for this special include:

  • rooftop

  • school playground

  • free indoor location during Golden Hour

continue reading to find out more about this special taking place in-studio.

Vintage Souls Special

the Vintage Souls Special is available in-studio for an extra fee, increasing your deposit to $150 and your remaining balance of $150 remains the same.

offered in-studio

This additional fee is necessary to cover the studio booking + extra fees for 1-2 hours. If you choose to book in-studio, definitely take advantage of the multiple outfit change option for this special, at this rate.

please direct any questions to

Submit your request for your Vintage Souls Portrait session here