booking policy

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Deposits are non-refundable as-is final payment for service, especially after the service is complete.

The prices of specials are subject to change due to my personal financial reach, the client will be notified in advance. There are no surprise fees, additional compensation for specific services may be requested.

After a deposit is sent, it strongly secures the plan (date, time, location) for your photoshoot unless changes need to be made. The purpose of the deposit is to create accountability for you and me, with no flakes and no lateness.

But life happens, the show can still go on as long as we keep each other posted and strongly avoid canceling on the day of and dodging your cancellation fee.

A $25 late fee is asked of you, especially if a client is scheduled for a portrait session after yours.

Cancellation fees are the same price as your shoot's remaining balance.

Clients are always kept up to date. Your time and money are always considered and respected, upon booking aviphotog™ please offer the same courtesy.

Thank you for your support.

waiting on touch-ups?

please allow at least 2 weeks to pass before reaching out up about touch ups, it is overwhelming. Expedited touch up services are offered, take advantage.

do not assume that an instagram post from me, means anything. There's a chance I have on scheduled posts for touched up photos that were done months before your portrait session.